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3D Arch-Creations specializes in producing Photo-Realistic 3D Architectural Renderings of Medium & High-End  Residential Projects and Animated Virtual Tour Video for Real Estate Marketing and New Construction Presentation.

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Where we build your visions!

All you imagine, we'll become your reality!

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A time saver, for professionals/visionaries

Save time and money on your personal/business' designs, materials, furniture, lighting, textures & objects in your space.

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Make all the magic gets in through the eyes of your client.

If you are in the Real Estate or Interior Design field, impress your clients and make them buy your property fast.

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Are you student? We were too...

We can help you plan and graph your creation, by utilizing all the necessary specs for your school project. We will assist you to make the most original design templates.

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Best, keep planning your next project...

While we can help you creating the layout, millwork shops, contracting drawings and more with all the specs and state regulations, according to your company template.

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Working together with creatives ideas is more successfully!

The world of design and construction needs geniuses in creativity, innovative ideas and the best reliable and secure team.

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3. Depth of Field

Our Specialization

3D ARCH-CREATIONS focuses on the graphic communication of images and videos for professionals in the world of architecture, interior design, project developers, real estate agents and more. 


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3D Rendering

Detailed realistic images (Interior, Exterior, Floor Plans, Modeling, Panoramic Views)

cAD drafting

Detailed plans for submittal to the city with all the parameters and state regulations, Including Shop

Products Visualization

Graphic communication of products from scratch to show and sell to the client.

Video Walkthrough

Walkthrough of space of a building or home showing in detail its composition and design.

What Our Clients Say

All this work has been possible thanks to the work of great professionals such as General contractors, designers, architects and builders, who seek help to show up their projects to their clients, in addition to promoting their sales and specify details and parameters in their works.

Camilo was very efficient and professional. He prepared a bedroom and pool design for us. His ideas were really right to the point. He was always responsive and delivered the projects within the discussed timeframe. Highly recommended!
We decided to redo our master bath but wanted an idea of what the finished project would look like. We contacted 3D Arch Creations and SO glad we did! Camilo not only was quick to respond to our request, gave us a fair price but also gave us an alternative layout to our bathroom that made so much more sense than our proposal!
Camilo provided me with great customer service and was able to translate my design exactly the way I had envisioned it with great quality and detail. Even though we made some minor changes from our original agreement he was still able to execute the design in a timely manner. Looking forward to creating additional designs with him! Highly recommended!

Our Recent Projects

Naderi Residence


Weverly, Ft. Lauderdale


Luxor Homes


Our Expert Team

Camilo Segura

Project Leader

seacoast Miami

3D Arch-Creations was founded in 2019 by the architect Camilo Segura, who have been passionate between architecture and technology. 

With studies carried out in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Spain and more than 3 years of experience in the field within the United States.

Since 2014, driven by design and creativity, Camilo has dedicated himself to the study of computer-aided programs and BIM technology, capable of creating designs focused on modern reality wrapped in architecture, interior design and graphics, ready to provide 3D visualization solutions and computerized design.

Camilo specialized in graphic communication of High-End Residential Design & Renderings, helping realtors, designers & home owners to get every time more closer to the final product they dreamed.


«If in your mind you cannot conceive your clear idea, we are going to materialize that dream in front of your eyes»

Why Choose us?

Get your project delivered efficiently to meet your deadlines! Save time and take the best decisions!


Get the best quality in your results and surprise your friends, clients and family!


Competitive rates and adapted to your budget!


Experience top notch quality with our satisfaction guarantee working hand in hand with us!

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