Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients always have the same questions, so below is most frequent ones:

-How much does a rendering or video animation cost?

*All depends of the quality of the final result (below is specified the sizes of the rendering images and videos). Also depends on the time spent at the moment of modeling in the 3D model program (as SketchUp, Rhinos, Revit, 3D Max), also depends what type of rendering is like a very detailed interior commercial, residential, institutional, or exterior with a big garden and original landscaping. On other hand, the videos usually are more expensive depending of the quality and time spent as well. To quote a very specific price please contact us and we will be happy to respond you with the best price, quality and benefit according to your needs.

-What is included in the final price?

*Every project is different, but in general cases if you want a very professional and complete service, it would be:

3D modeling, rendering of the model, post-production, HD quality 7680×4320 Megapixels, 2 free changes in the process, 4-7 business days process per image, 100% safe service, communication 24/7 and guarantee of 50% refund of total price if the result is not expected.

The prices can vary depending of how faster the clients want the final product and if they give to 3D Arch-Creations all the necessary information such as CAD files, PDF files, pictures of site, blueprints, sketches, etc.

-What information do you need from us to get started?

*All the info required and necessary to start the project, CAD or Revit files (DWG), PDF’s files, sketches, pictures of the site, materials specs, instructions or a previous meeting with the client to better understand the project if necessary. 

-How long does a rendering or video animation take to be given to client?

*As said before, it depends of all the information from the client to 3D Arch-Creations. Generally, it should be 4-7 business day per image. A video 7-10 business days.

-Is there any discount for multiple services?

*Yes, all depends on the type of final result.

-How will I receive the final product?

*It will be in an image (JPG, PNG, BMP file) in the quality expected by the client, 1280×720 (0.9 Megapixel) 1920×1080 (2.1 Megapixel) 3840×2160 (8.4 Megapixel) 7680×4320 (33.2 Megapixel).


*For a video, the same sizes and (MP4) format.

-What type of sample can I expect before the final product?

*A first look of the image in low quality (1820×720 Megapixel) and with a watermark. The client has the chance to get at least two (2) corrections for free before the final product. If the client wants another additional correction, the prices will increase.

-How does the process starts?

*It will be a first deposit of 50% of the final price before starting the process, the 20% after the first look of the final service (image in low quality) and the last 30% at the end of the process, when the final image/video is given to client.

fast and efficient service!